Jason Return Home with the Golden Fleece

The Greek Hero Jason

Hellenic Flag-Map in Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Hellenic Flag-Map

Ancient Greece

In the time that Jason lived it was a time were their was wars every where. Kings would rise and fall as the sun would rise and set. Ancient Greece had many stories , gods, and ancient creature that been here since the beginning of time. The picture seen above show is the nation Greece with their modern day flag on top.




 Jason, by Bertel Thorvaldsen 1802-03, in Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen in the public domain via Wkikmedia Commons

Jason, by Bertel Thorvaldsen 1802-03, in Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen

Call to Adventure

In the Greek epic of Jason and the Argonauts starts off with Jason as a baby in mortal danger. Jason’s half uncle Pelias  wanted the throne that Jason’s father King Aeson is on . Pelias put his evil plan into motion by having  King Aeson killed and his children soon he would be the next on throne. Some how he missed the baby Jason he was spared and his mother took him to the Centaur Chiron. The Centaur Chiron raised him as his own son but, in reality he know when he grown into a man that he would want to go home.  Jason uncle goes to a oracle  and she said,  a man with sandals  will come to the kingdom he’s dangerous. Jason leaves Chiron as a young man to travel home  for the games in honor or Poseidon . On the way their he helps Hera queen of the god’s disguised as a old lady cross a river and looses a sandal. Jason  ask the new King Pelias for his rightful place as king. King Pelias see’s his missing sandal and thinks of a impossible task to sent Jason on to prove he king retrieve the Golden Fleece.

Jason taming the bulls of Aeëtes in the public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Jason taming the bulls of Aeëtes

Trails and Revelations

Jason searches for a crew to help him with this epic quest. After finding a crew he had a ship built called the Argo. Jason set sail on the Argo to speed up the voyage Hermes gave Jason a magical bag of winds. He reaches the island of Colchis where King Aeetes has the golden fleece. King Aeetes looks at Jason and doesn’t want him to have the golden fleece so he thinks up a ingenious plan to have Jason to plow a piece of land . This would be a task he wouldn’t return from King Aeetes send two bulls with Jason. What Jason doesn’t don’t know is that the land is guard by army in the soil if he plows the land the army will rise and defend the land. King Aeetes daughter Medea warns Jason of her fathers plan so Jason go back to  take the golden fleece with Medea help she a sorceries that enchants a dragon to help Jason fly up a tree where the fleece is . Medea leaves with Jason and kills her brother on her way out so they wont be followed. This Angers Zeus he cause storms all the way home to throw them off course.

Medea Urging the Daughters of King Pelias to Murder their Father in the public domain via wikimedia Commons

Medea Urging the Daughters of King Pelias to Murder their Father

Jason’s Return

On Jason return home He meets Talos a Giant bronze living statue powered by the life blood of Olympus. Only way Jason can defeat the Talos is to remove a bronze nail from his side that hold in the his life force. Talos throws boulders at Jason eventually is defeated by Jason. Jason gives the golden fleece to King Pelias he still doesn’t want to give up the throne. So Medea help Jason again with her magic and Convinced King Pelias daughter that if they cut their father put him in a pot he would become younger. The  whole process was messy and left a lot of evidence. After this the people of the kingdom found out what they had done to the king and the were exiled Jason and Medea.

BY: Matthew Harris


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